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Division of Facilities
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Division of Facilities

The division of facilities typically refers to the process of allocating or sharing school facilities among different groups or individuals who wish to use them for various purposes, such as sports activities, meetings, events, or performances.


In order to use school facilities, a written request must be submitted to the Director of Education, who will consider the request and decide whether to approve or deny it based on various factors such as the availability of the facility, the nature of the requested activity, the potential impact on other users or the school community, and any relevant policies or regulations.


The written request should include details such as the name of the group or individual requesting the facility, the date and time of the requested use, the purpose of the use, the specific facility or room needed, the number of participants, and any special requirements or equipment needed.


Once the request is approved, the Director of Education may require the user to sign a facility use agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of use, including any fees, liability and insurance requirements, and rules and regulations regarding the use of the facility.


It is important to note that the allocation of school facilities may be subject to certain limitations or restrictions, such as priority given to school-related activities or programs, the availability of resources, or the need to ensure the safety and security of students and staff

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