Tulensru Waguk
Kosrae Department of Education

Office of the Director


The Office of the Director of the Kosrae Department of Education in FSM is the administrative center for the department’s operations. As the head of the department, the director’s office is responsible for overseeing the overall direction, policies, and management of education in the state.


The office is typically located in the department’s administrative building and includes a range of administrative staff who support the director’s work. These staff members may include executive assistants, administrative assistants, and other support staff who handle tasks such as scheduling, record-keeping, and communications.


The director’s office also serves as a central hub for communication and coordination with other education stakeholders, including teachers, parents, students, and other government agencies. The director may regularly meet with these stakeholders to discuss education-related matters and ensure that the department’s policies and programs align with the needs of the community.


The Office of the Director of the Kosrae Department of Education is the nerve center for the department’s operations, providing essential administrative support and coordination to ensure that the state’s education system functions effectively.

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